Meet the Teachers

ALL Teachers have been trained on the unique social and emotional needs of gifted students! It is our goal to create an enriching environment that is sensitive to their learning preferences!

Michelle Tucci: Owner and Director (Physics Olympics, Escape from Camp Cranium, What’s Your Strategy, May the Force Be With You) – Michelle is a gifted education specialist at the elementary and middle school level.  She has seventeen years of experience teaching at every grade level from second through eighth, and holds degrees in Elementary Education, Biological Sciences and School Leadership. Camp Cranium is her “brain child” and she hopes to bring to your child an enriching and exciting experience that they can remember and return to year after year!

Jenna Rentzel: Co-Director – (Escape from Camp Cranium, What’s Your Strategy? Elementary My Dear Watson!) Jenna is a National Board Certified Teacher who has had experience teaching at third and fourth grades as well as in a gifted setting. In her past nineteen years of teaching she has assisted with curriculum writing, and worked to support teachers seeking NBCT certification. Jenna is also an aspiring children’s author as well as a huge Doctor Who and Sherlock fan!

Valerie Groninger – (The Art of Improv) Valerie has a BA in Elementary Education, holds a Reading Specialist certificate and has a BA in Theatre Arts/Acting.  She has worked with gifted children for the past seventeen years and has been a drama teacher in Mt. Laurel School District for the past eight years.  Affectionately known as “Homie G” by her students, Valerie has been bringing charisma and a flair for the dramatic to Camp Cranium for the past four summers.

Jenny Christmas  – (Monster Mayhem Pt. 1, It’s Electric! Get to Know the Native Americans, Zoology) Jenny is currently a fifth grade teacher with seven years of experience. She has previously taught at the fourth grade level, and holds a degree in elementary education and a CAES in Special Education. Jenny is a huge Walking Dead fan as well as a zombie expert. She is an avid zoo and aquarium visitor and has been to over 20! Jenny has been with Camp Cranium since its inception, four years ago.

Dominique Mobley – (POPArt, Girl Power!, It’s Electric! The Mathematics of Art, Zoology) Dominique is currently a fifth grade teacher and has previously taught in the third and fourth grades. She moonlights as a superhero on weekends, and holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in elementary education. Dominique is an original Camp Cranium staffer!!

Genise Cox (School of Rock, Get to Know the Native Americans) Genise is currently a full-time music teacher and part-time Minecraft genius. She holds a BA in music as well as a standard K-5 certificate with a grade 5-8 specialization in mathematics.  Genise has been with Camp Cranium since 2014.

Thomas Shown – (Build Your Own Video Game, Battlebots, Explorations in Virtual Reality) Tom is currently a sixth grade mathematics teacher, and has previously taught computer skills. He is a technology consultant for many school districts in the area, and is the founder of Teach Smart NJ. Tom is our resident technology expert and you can find him battling robots and making Mrs. Tucci do crazy and embarrassing virtual reality explorations whenever he has time.

Tiffany Bradley – (Yoga in the Garden, Disney Adventures, Fairy Tale STEAM) Tiffany is currently a second grade teacher, who previously taught kindergarten. This year she will be bringing her Yoga skills to Camp Cranium. Tiffany is trained to teach Yoga to Children through ChildLight Yoga. It’s her third summer on staff and we are super excited to have her at Camp Cranium!

Ashley Moore – (Yoga in the Garden, Disney Adventures, Fairy Tale STEAM) Ashley has been teaching Kindergarten to Grade 3 for the past five years, and is Mrs. Bradley’s “partner in crime”. She is in her second summer as a member of the Camp Cranium staff.

Ryan Jones (Kids v Wild) Ryan has a masters degree and works full time as an Elementary School Counselor in Dover, Delaware. He is a U.S. Army combat veteran of the 82nd Airborne Division’s Long Range Surveillance Detachment and Pathfinder Company. He is Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape (SERE) trained, Escape and Evasion (E&E) trained, Combat Lifesaver trained, Pathfinder qualified, and Airborne qualified. He brings a survival expertise to our Camp Staff and is the proud dad of two little girls. 

Stacey Stewart –  (The Rain Forest, Weird Science, Natural Disasters) Stacey holds a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education. She is currently a T1 teacher, and has spent 10 years teaching 1st grade in the Swedesboro-Woolwich Twp. School District. This is her second summer as a member of the Camp Cranium staff and we are happy to have her on board!


Neil Perkins – (Dinosaurs!)  Neil is one of the most enthusiastic teachers you will ever come across. He has boundless energy and creativity, and is bringing his love of all things reptilian to Camp Cranium this summer. He has been teaching fourth grade for three years, and will be a great addition to the Camp Cranium staff this summer.

Jenna Passaro – (Use the Force) Jenna is new to our Camp Cranium staff this summer! She has 14 years of teaching experience from Pre-K, First and Third grades. She is holds a Preschool-Grade 3 Certificate and a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. We are excited to have her join us this year!

Melissa Iocona – (Expedition Earth) Melissa is another new addition to Camp Cranium this summer! She has three years of teaching experience and is currently a second grade teacher.




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