Teacher Proposal Information

Proposals for Summer 2017 are already complete at this time. Please consider submitting one next year! 

Camp Cranium is always looking for creative, talented and enthusiastic teachers!

Camp Cranium is an academic day camp designed to meet the needs of gifted and advanced learners and provide them with extension and enrichment during the summer. We are currently seeking  to fill our brochure with exciting opportunities for the children. We would like to offer a variety of topics geared toward the gifted child, and something that they might not be exposed to during a regular school day. Classes should be high interest, hands on, and either produce a product or teach a skill by the end of the week. Previous classes have included things like: Learning with Minecraft, Build your Own Video Game, Zombies!, Who Dunnit, and Physics Phun. 

All teachers for the camp must hold a valid teaching certificate (or the equivalent in a profession), and experience in the topic they are teaching is preferred. This year, camp will be running for three sessions. The length of each class is one week, three hours each day. Camp will be tentatively run three weeks in July.

Interested teachers are encouraged to submit a proposal outlining the class objectives, grade levels targeted, maximum class size, preferred sessions, and a brief description of activities. Please include a list and approximate cost of materials you would prefer for the child to provide. In addition, please include any weeks from the above dates that you are NOT available. Please Email all Proposals  by November 15th, 2017. All teachers will be notified of the status of their proposal by email by December 15th, and all accepted proposals will be added to the schedule for next summer.

Teacher Proposal Form  [Create a copy within Google Docs and Share with campcraniumnj@gmail.com]

If you have any questions about proposals or how our camp works, please feel free to contact me via phone or email. Thank you and I am look forward to reading your proposals.


Michelle Tucci



Owner/Director Camp Cranium

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